Buy 2 Zip Mist & Wipes, Get 2 FREE!!!


Zip Mist  & Wipe

          Buy 2 Zip Mists, Get 2 FREE!!!

                      Our deal of the summer

       Just in time for all your summer water activities!

Zip Mist & Wipe is formulated to remove dust, dirt, light oil and and water spotting.  It leaves a light polymer sealant that lasts 2-3 weeks. 

Meets California V.O.C. regulations.

Bye, bye break dust, dirt and grime!

Brush up on the basics for clean wheels and tires.  To keep your tires and wheels in top shape, start with the right cleanser and tools.  For cleansers, we recommend Diamond Professional APC Plus (concentrate). You'll also need a variety of brushes to get to those hard to reach places with varying degrees of softness to protect [...]

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Microfiber Towels--the work horse of auto detailing!

The tools you use on your vehicle are just as important as the products you use to clean, wash and protect your car, boat, RV, etc.  The microfiber towel is a safe and versatile tool that can be used on any surface.  Microfiber towels are a polyester/polyamide blend with strands hundreds of times smaller than traditional cotton.  A cotton [...]

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Huge Accessories Sale!!

le on your favorite Carrand detailing accessories! Look for brushes, sponges and other detailing tools.  Limited supply, so act fast.                                              Remember to stock up on your Diamond Professional auto detailing supplies   [...]

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Seeing is believing!

Dirty windshields create hazardous driving conditions!  Inside and outside dirt, grime, and haze impair visibility.  The National Weather Service cautions about the seriousness of sun glare on driving visibility and the AAA Foundation states that these contaminants "catch and refract light" from headlights to create glare.Keeping your windshield clean reduces glare and creates a safer driving environment. [...]

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Flash Sale!

Wash N Shine (DP-513-01) in the gallon size is specially priced.  Only $15.99!   Check out what Gale S. says about Wash N Shine..."THE WASH SUDS UP NICELY AND EVERYTHING SHEETS OFF THE CAR WHEN I RINSE IT DURING THE WASH, IT ALMOST SEEMS LIKE I HAVE WAXED THE CAR WHEN I AM DONE WITH [...]

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Weather--your vehicle's enemy

Rain, snow, sleet (I sound like the USPS), and sun take their toll on your car, RV, motorcyle, etc. That's why it's important to do what you can to not only make your vehicle look good, but to last.   A thorough wash can help save the day!  According to Popular Mechanics, one way to [...]

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Zip Mist & Wipe Special $28.26

Zip Mist & Wipe is on special this month with a discounted price and lots of extras! Only $28.26 and you get 1 gallon of Zip Mist & Wipe, a towel, a sprayer and a bottle.

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Last Chance for Gift Certificate

1 week left to...Write a review of your favorite product directly on Pacific Produx's FaceBook page and your name will be entered into the drawing for a $100 Pacific Produx's gift certificate.*****We will be posting specials that can only be found on Pacific Produx's FaceBook page**** so remember to Like Pacific Produx's FaceBook page,

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Accessories on Sale!

Sale on select accessories!  Look for your favorite brushes, sponges and auto detailing tools.  Here's your chance to stock up.

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