Taking care of your car is made easy with these 3 easy steps--cleaning, washing and protecting.  We recommend this kit for those detail jobs that need a little extra "elbow grease" on the exterior.  Let Diamond Professional products do the work for you!  You can prolong the beauty of your car at a discounted price with just 3 products.  We've included some of our most effective products in our 1-2-3 Degreaser Kit (quart sizes):

All Purpose Cleaner Degreaser removes road grime deposits and is also excellent as an engine, undercarriage and tire cleaner. (Please note dilution recommendations for consistent results.)
Professional Wash 'N Wax rinses off road film and soap easily, leaving a lustrous shine while brightening chrome and glass beautifully. (Please note dilution recommendations for consistent results.)
Radiant Fast Wax protects paint finish from environmental elements while still safe to use on vinyl moldings as well as stripes and decals.

1-2-3 Degreaser Car Care Kit--Clean, Wash, and Protect Quart Kit

DP-Degreaser Kit
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