Bye, bye break dust, dirt and grime!


Brush up on the basics for clean wheels and tires.  To keep your tires and wheels in top shape, start with the right cleanser and tools.  For cleansers, we recommend Diamond Professional APC Plus (concentrate). You'll also need a variety of brushes to get to those hard to reach places with varying degrees of softness to protect your vehicle's surfaces. 

Brushes to have on hand:

We recommend keeping your brushes in a bucket of water and cleanser and to rinse your brushes before re-submerging them into the bucket.  Working your way down, spray the wheel well, tire and wheel with Diamond Professional APC Plus. Since the wheel well is hard to reach, use the Long-handled, stiff brush to scrub the area clean.  Do a rinse of the wheel well to remove the debris that was scrubbed free.  Next, move on to the tire.  The Short-handled, stiff brush will get into the crevices of the tire to remove trapped dirt and grime. Be sure to focus only on the tire, a stiff brush will be too harsh on painted surfaces and the wheels.  The wheels need a gentler touch to prevent scratches. Use a Short-handled, soft brushWheel brush; and Lug-nut brush. The Short-handled, soft brush is for general cleaning of the wheel. But you may need smaller tools to access the inner barrel or spokes.  Our Wheel brush fits into those tight spots and makes cleaning easier.  The last step in cleaning the wheel is the lug nuts.  Use the Lug-nut brush to easily clean all sides at once.  Once the cleaning is complete, rinse the the entire area--wheel well, tire and wheel.  Final step is to dry the area with a micro fiber towel.

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