Compliant Detailing Products

We at Pacific Produx are dedicated to providing economical and effective auto detailing products that meet or exceed California V.O.C. (Volatile Organic Compound) regulations. California leads the way for the nation in regulating consumer products that contribute to our air quality. For more information, go to the California Air Resources Board (CARB) web site at

Try Zip Mist & Wipe to clean hard water spots, dirt, fingerprints, dust and mineral deposits in addition to buffing and polishing residue. Use it with or without water.  Our Wash N Shine  is a high foaming, concentrated car wash that removes stubborn contaminants and leaves a high gloss surface protectant. With Diamond Professional Zip Glaze, you can remove scratches and imperfections while adding a protective layer of polish to the vehicle surface. Formulated to enhance dark or difficult to wax finishes.   Use Diamond Safe S Dressing on rubber and trim surfaces, such as tires, moldings and mud flaps. It is a body shop safe, purple, non-silicone medium to high gloss dressing that works well .

 dp532-cropped.jpg                     dp513-wash-n-shine-gallon-cropped.jpg                     dp537-cropped.jpg                        dp249-01.jpg

 Zip Mist & Wipe                          Wash N Shine              Diamond Professional Zip Glaze       Diamond S Safe Dressing