Vinyl, Plastic and Dashboard Cleaning

Vinyl, Plastic and Dashboard Cleaning

The vinyl and plastic parts of the car are designed to withstand stress and environmental elements, such as the hot sun or a snow storm. During manufacturing, flex agents are used in these parts of the car, which allows the plastic to flex, aiding in the prevention of premature drying and cracking.

For general light cleaning to remove dust and smudges, we recommend using Blue Mist Final Wipe. To use, apply cleaner to towel or surface and wipe clean. Blue Mist will not remove previously applied vinyl treatments and will leave areas looking clean and dust-free. For heavier soiled areas such as arm rests, handles or switch and lock areas, use Diamond Professional APC Plus. Be sure to test APC in inconspicuous areas first.

When choosing a product to clean your interior dash area, pick a treatment that does not contain distillates or low-grade silicones, as they can cause the dash to become a chalky color and may eventually crack. Use a plastic and vinyl treatment that will work with the flex agent oils already present in the vinyl/plastic areas. In general car maintenance, wipe the dash and plastic parts with a mild vinyl cleaner such as Diamond Professional APC. Regular use of a wipe and cleaning product will leave the plastic and vinyl clean and help slow the deterioration of the surface.

Wipe the product on with a dedicated ‘product’ towel and then wipe off with a clean towel to avoid leaving excess product on the surfaces. Wiping with a damp towel regularly will help to maintain the surface. Application of a plastic and vinyl treatment should be done about every 3 months unless the vehicle spends the majority of its time in the sun or in extremely hot areas where more frequent maintenance is recommended.

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