Protectants and Final Detail

For protecting, finishing, and shine try Diamond Professional's wipes, waxes and glazes. Our #1 seller, Blue Mist Final Wipe, will quickly become your favorite car detailing item, leaving a "showroom" shine on your vehicle. Use it without water for a quick spruce-up or use it with water before drying to give your car extra shine. Blue Mist's high lubrication formula allows for ease of use with clay bars, and a quick clean up with a microfiber towel. To protect from environmental elements, we recommend Radiant Fast WaxZip Glaze will add a protective layer, while Cleaner Wax will protect and restore your car's finish.  If you are dealing with hard water spots, Zip Mist and Wipe is our recommended product.  

*Marine enthusiasts stand by our Zip Mist and Wipe for hard water spot removal.


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