Drying & Applying Wax or Glaze

Drying your car is just as important as washing because you don't want to damage or scratch the finish or leave swirl marks. Give the vehicle a final rinse with free-flowing water allowing the water to sheet off the car. Dry the car using a synthetic chamois. Make sure it is well rinsed prior to use to limit surface drag across the vehicles finish. A clean synthetic chamois will not leave swirl marks and is more absorbent than towels. For exceptional gloss and appearance, you can also spray a final detail wipe such as  Diamond Professional Blue Mist Final Wipe. Blue Mist will act as a lubricant for the chamois, reducing drag and eliminating swirl marks. Drying the car with your synthetic chamois and Blue Mist will ensure a spot free surface while leaving a high gloss slick finish. Finish wipe the vehicle with Blue Mist and a dry micro fiber towel to get rid of final water drops and streaking. 

Utilizing a soft foam wax pad, apply Diamond Professional Cleaner Wax to clean and protect the painted surface and leave a glossy shine. Cleaner Wax is designed for orbital or dual action polishers and will remove fine surface scratches while leaving a high luster finish. Cleaner Wax dries quickly and is virtually clear.  

Radiant Fast Wax is for speed. Radiant Fast Wax protects paint finishes from environmental elements such as ultra violet rays, acid rain and other airborne contaminants. Once the vehicle is clean and dry, apply a small amount of Radiant Fast Wax to clean terry or microfiber applicator. Wipe in a circular motion. Radiant Fast Wax will be safe on glass, chrome, vinyl molding, stripes and decals.

Zip Glaze is not a wax but is a unique blend of oils and wetting agents to enhance the vehicles painted surfaces. Designed for machine application, use a soft foam pad to gently remove scratches and imperfections while leaving a layer of highly reflective polish. 


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