DP Microfiber Detail Cloth

What is microfiber? One strand of microfiber is several hundred times smaller than a fine strand of cotton fiber. Traditional cloths do not pick up dirt particles; they just push the dirt around on the surface. The non-abrasive wedge shaped microfibers scoop, lift and trap dirt, dust, grime and moisture without scratching. Fibers are lint free.

Wet or dry, the Diamond Professional Microfiber Detail Cloth works like magic. Using advanced microfiber technology, thousands of super fine fibers grab dirt and grime without scratching your car's surface. Soft, gentle and lint free - it traps dirt and dust like a magnet!  We offer a 2-pack or 10-pack option.

Microfiber towels are excellent for not only auto detailing but great for all kinds of cleaning-- janitors, housekeepers, anyone! Its high-quality, sturdy construction makes it a supetior multi-purpose towel.

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3 of 3 Items