Microfiber Towel 10-Pack

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Product Description

Microfiber Towels 10 pack 15in. x 15in. all purpose microfiber towels

This high quality, long lasting microfiber towel is good for all kinds of cleaning: great for auto detailers, janitors, housekeepers--anyone! Its high-quality, sturdy construction makes it a great multi-purpose towel.

What is microfiber? One strand of microfiber is several hundred times smaller that a fine strand of cotton fiber. Traditional cloths do not pick up dirt particles; they just push the dirt around on the surface. The non-abrasive wedge shaped microfibers scoop, lift and trap dirt, dust, grime and moisture without scratching. Fibers are lint free.

Special offer 10 pack for just $7.49 - Retails for $25.00!