The Wash Process

Take a walk around the car and evaluate for trouble spots, heavy road grime, fallout, bird droppings and paint overspray. Determine which products are the best to use. Every vehicle will have a slightly different surface. Use a citrus based spot cleaner like for removing stubborn contamination such as bugs, grease, compound residue or tree sap. High sudsing Professional Auto Wash is a highly concentrated bio-degradable car wash that reduces 2 ounces to a gallon of water. Rinse the vehicle with high pressure water before washing. Begin washing the top of the car and finish with the lower areas. The lower areas are generally the dirtiest and we don't want to fill our mitt and wash bucket with dirt at the start of the wash process. Wash and rinse the car in sections. Here's a tip: use two wash buckets - one clean to bring fresh soap to the car's surface and the other bucket as a rinse bucket of water to wring out the sponge and to avoid contaminating the clean bucket with the dirt. This is a step that is mostly likely to reduce visible swirl marks because we are ultimately taking less dirt to the surface of the car.  

If the car is being washed after paint, compound, glaze or wax use a gentler wash formula like Professional Wash N Wax.  Professional Wash N Wax is mild enough that it will not remove wax protection, polish or compound work. Wash N Wax is a unique low sudsing formula that washes and protects your vehicle's finish in one application. Wash N Wax has excellent sheeting capabilities that will allow your vehicle to be wiped off quickly leaving a high luster shine.


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