Interior Cleaning

Interior cleaning may or may not be a service offered at your location. When cleaning the interior, remove all floor mats. Vacuum the seats and floor with all attachments. Vacuum under seats, trunk and last removed floor mats. Professional APC Plus is a concentrated interior all purpose cleaner that works in numerous applications. It's gentle, and has special fabric softeners and color-fast agents that will safely clean heavily soiled carpet, upholstery, floor mats. Remove coffee stains and will not fade colors. Professional APC Plus dilution is 12 to 1 for interior carpet and upholstery cleaning.  Always test any cleaner prior to application in case carpets or upholstery have been dyed.

Once the interior is clean, treat all vinyl and leather with a Professional Dress All. Professional Dress All is a thin, milk colored, water based dressing that helps clean, restore and rejuvenate and can be applied as a spray or can be wiped on with a towel or sponge.  Professional Dress All is safe on vinyl, leather and plastic and rubber surfaces.


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