Tire Dressing, Windows and Final Delivery

Diamond Professional tire dressings are high quality and protect against UV rays to leave rubber tires conditioned and clean. For the body shop, we recommend Triple S Dressing. Triple S Dressing is a body shop safe, non-silicone, low VOC dressing that restore tires and maintains their natural appearance. Triple S Dressing also offers protection from dirt and road grime. The wheels and tires should be wiped prior to delivery to limit any excess sling. Diamond W Dressing is an all purpose water-based tire dressing that provides a superior long lasting performance on both interior and exterior surfaces. Diamond W Dressing protects and restores all rubber, plastic, leather and vinyl surfaces while leaving a durable lasting shine. Diamond S Dressing is a blue, high gloss, exterior, solvent based dressing. Diamond S Dressing is a low VOC, silicone dressing that's great for that ultimate shine on rubber, vinyl and plastic panels. 

Windows should be cleaned last. Diamond Professional Glass Cleaner needs to be diluted 4 to 1. When applying glass cleaner, spray with detail sprayer or apply to towel. Use a dry, absorbent, lint free micro fiber detail cloth. 

Final Delivery 
Use Blue Mist Final Wipe to clean any lasts drips, fingerprints, smudges or light dust leaving a clean glossy surface.  Prior to customer delivery, walk around and inspect the entire vehicle and clean any areas that may require more attention.


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