How to Use Clay

Professional Clay Detailing

When your car gets to the place where you can feel the grit sticking to the paint finish it is time to clay off the contaminants. Washing isn't enough to give it that silky smooth finish you desire so try Pacific Produx detailing clay to remove the residual contaminants. Detailing clay is the most effective way to remove stubborn environmental contaminants such as tar, bugs, factory fallout, paint overspray and brake dust from your car's finish. Pacific Produx offers Medium (purple) surface preparation detailing clay. Use the Fine grade for light contamination on newer vehicles, Medium for heavier contamination and Heavy for stubborn contamination on older vehicles.

Just spray the surface with Diamond Professional Blue Mist Detail lubricant, pull off a 1/4 chunk of the clay bar, pancake flat and prepare to remove the contaminants. On a clean surface, apply the Blue Mist lubricant liberally and wipe the bar with 50% overlap allowing the clay to glide gently over the paint, glass, fiberglass or chrome surface until the panel is smooth to the touch. As the clay bar picks up contaminants it will show the dirt. Fold the clay pancake into itself creating new flat surfaces until you have exhausted its usefulness. Pull off another piece of clay if needed to complete the job. Use a towel to wipe away the excess lubricant and feel the silky smooth finish. If by chance the lubricant dries, re spray with new lubricant and wipe off to a high shine. Wipe clean with a microfiber towel and continue to the next step of paint protection. We recommend Diamond Professional Cleaner Wax to finish the job. 

Note: Do not push down on the clay bar as you remove contaminants - let the clay do the removal. If you feel the clay sticking apply more lubricant. Whatever you do, don't drop the clay on the ground! Throw it away if you do. Store your clay bar in a container or zip lock bag to keep it clean.


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