Cleaner Wax (DP 235-04)

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DP 235-04

Product Description

Cleaner Wax will enhance, protect and restore original luster and original depth of image to aged, or re-painted finishes. Cleaner Wax removes light scratches, swirl marks and imperfections and produces a brilliant, lasting shine.  Use for a long-lasting layer of protection against  UV light, acid rain, and other elements. Can be applied with using a wax applicator or machine. Cleaner Wax is specially formulated for use with a dual action or orbital polisher without the clean-up usually associated with machine polishing.


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    Great price-doesn't streak

    Posted by KB on Sep 26th 2017

    As an auto detailer, I don't feel right using anything less on my customers' vehicles! For the price, you can't beat this Cleaner Wax. It goes on quickly, dries incredibly fast and doesn’t streak. Great product for regular waxing on poorly maintained cars.

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    car looked better

    Posted by Fred on Sep 26th 2017

    Cleaner Wax is the best on the market. This d.p. product is a sleeper. I used this on my girlfriends BMW (Dk Blue) cleaned off surface dirt, left a shine and made it look better

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    Clear drying

    Posted by Justin B. on Sep 26th 2017

    This wax is fantastic. You can apply by hand, if you get it in a vent or door jam it dries clear. Holds up to Texas (sun, rain, etc.) and still has the shine and durability. Ugly package, great product.

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    Flawless Shine!

    Posted by Josh Row--Row Mobile Detailing on Jun 19th 2017

    I use Diamond Cleaner Wax on all my clients' cars with a cyclo buffer and have had amazing results with everything. Very easy to use and leaves a flawless shine!

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    Glossy protected surface

    Posted by Josh S. on Mar 1st 2017

    The Cleaner Wax from Diamond Professional is an easy to apply product that removes minor imperfections and leaves a deep and glossy protected surface. I have used the product by hand and with an electric polisher, it goes a long way and both applications provide great results. My vehicles look great after using Cleaner Wax, and there is no chalky white build up on the window seals and other trim pieces of our cars. All around great product.