Mar 4th 2021

Spring Cleaning begins with washing, waxing, conditioning and cleaning your vehicles exterior. Start your vehicle’s spring cleaning with the right tools:

  • Location--Wash your car in the shade. Your car should be warm or cool to the touch when you are working on it. If possible, park on a slight incline, such as a driveway, so that rinse water will run off the trim, moldings and recessed area.
  • Hand Tools—Diamond Pro products, wash mitts (sheepskin/ microfiber/cotton chenille), microfiber towels and a bucket. Wash mitts to hold more soap and absorb fine particles that may be lingering on the paint's surface. MF towels have non-abrasive wedge shaped microfibers that scoop, lift and trap dirt, dust, grime and moisture without scratching. Fibers are lint free. Utilize. And don't forget your bucket.

Tips for that pro look:

Wash, rinse and wax your car in sections - dividing by panels is a good way to go. Begin at the top of the car - roof, then hood and trunk, then doors, etc. Do the lower areas last - the rocker panels, wheels, tires and lower bumpers. They are generally the dirtiest and you don't want to fill your wash bucket with dirty water at the start of the process.

Washing- for a deep cleaning, Use Diamond Professional AutowashAutowash will strip your car of debris; removing wax, polish and even dressing. For maintenance washes and keeping your car looki8ng good between waxes, use Diamond Professional Wash N Wax. It is mild enough that it will not remove wax protections for the paint, it rinses off easily and promotes sheeting or easier drying. Wash N Wax lifts and carries dirt away from the car’s surface using lubricants to prevent scratching and surface conditioners to maintain shine. For late model vehicles, Wash N Shine removes stubborn contaminants and leaves a high gloss surface protectant. Wash N Shine will provide short-term surface and glass protection.

Waxing-use a clean 100% cotton towel, foam application pad, or microfiber towel as they will remove excess wax without scratching the surface. First apply Diamond Professional Radiant Fast Wax or Diamond Professional Cleaner Wax in a side to side or circular motion, moving up the section you are working on

Conditioning-tire dressings protect against UV rays to leave rubber tires conditioned and clean. Diamond S Dressing is a low VOC, silicone dressing that's great for that ultimate shine on rubber, vinyl and plastic panels.

Cleaning-windows should be cleaned last. Diamond Professional Glass Cleaner needs to be diluted 4 to 1. When applying glass cleaner, spray with detail sprayer or apply to towel. Use dry, absorbent, lint free micro fiber detail cloth.

Check out our how to’s and videos for more tips.